Warman Q Axial Flow Pumps


Warman Q pumps are axial flow designed and are available in a large selection of materials including Stainless Steel, Monel, and Super Duplex.

Suitable for pumping applications with a crystallation process.

Applications Include:-

• Continuous circulation of corrosive/abrasivesolutions, slurries, process wastes
• Crystallisation processes (brine, seawater)
• Chemical Industry
• Pulp and Paper Industry
• Regeneration plants
• Sugar
• Salt

Series QL have a horiziontal elbow design.

Series QCL are as QL but with welded construction.

Series QCV are as QL for vertical mounting.



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Warman Pumps
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Warman Slurry Pumping Handbook (Slurry_Pumping_Handbook_-_2009.pdf, 0) [Download]

Warman Q Literature (Warman-Q-pumps.pdf, 436 Kb) [Download]

Warman Slurry Pumping Handbook (Slurry_Pumping_Handbook_-_2009.pdf, 5,810 Kb) [Download]