Verderflex VF20

Verderflex VF20
The Verder VF20 (1") Peristaltic pump capabilities are: -
  • Flow rate up to 654 L/Hour
  • Maximum continuous flow – 640 L/Hour
  • Maximum working pressure of 7.5 Bar

Verderflex VF20 benefits include: -

  • Abrasion resistant – VF pumps are naturally rubber lined and hose life is independent of a product's abrasiveness such as lime or Silicon Carbide pastes
  • Dry running – VF pumps are operator proof eliminating costly downtime such as the burnt stators of progressing cavity pumps
  • Self priming – the powerful suction of VF pumps allows the pump to self prime
  • Can pump liquids that off-gas – peristaltic pumps have none of the vapour lock problems associated with dosing pumps
  • Accurate and repeatable dosing performance – processes run as designed
  • Can pump high SGs liquids – ideal for mining slurries and similar high solid content liquids
  • Low maintenance costs – only the hose and lubricant are service items and the Verderflex hose gives the longest hose life in the industry
  • Gentle pumping action – ideal for shear sensitive flocculants and bacterial cultures
  • Disaster proof hose connection that totally contains product inside the pump after a hose burst
Verder Pumps
Max Flow:
640 L/HOUR
Max Head:
7.5 BAR
Verderflex VF20

VERDERFLEX VF20 METRIC LITERATURE (VF20_Metric_26.08.11.pdf, 326 Kb) [Download]

VERDERFLEX VF20 IMPERIAL LITERATURE (VF20_Imperial_26.08.11.pdf, 363 Kb) [Download]