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Pump Valves

We are specialist suppliers of all types of valves, manual, electrical or pneumatically controlled including: ball, gate, globe, safety, pressure relief, swing check, non return, bellows sealed, butterfly, diaphragm, knife gate, parallel slide valves and air rel. These are avalilable from all manufacturers including Bailey Birkett, Spirax, Abb, Saint Gobain, Guest, Chrimes, Seetru, Shaw, Northvale Korting, Crane, Sarco, Bestobell, Young & Cunningham, Dresser, Skillmatic, J & J, Actreg, Tyco, Rotork, Nabic, Leser, Rhodes, Adca, Texan, Marvac, Broady, Peter Smith, Erhardt, Flowserve, Brody, Stanton, Aquagas, Alfa, KSB, Saunders, Abacus, Adanac, Alco, Asco, Joucomatic, Bray, Kinetrol, Metso Automation, Norgren, Warren Morrison & Xomox. Valves are available in various materials including brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, bronze & PVC. Other products available include hydrants, Y Type strainers, filters, hoses, fittings, steam traps, flow indicators & flow meters.

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