Pedrollo VLE Submersible Pump

Pedrollo VLE
Flow rate up to 120 L/min (7.2 m³/hr)

Dynamic head up to 105 m


Fluid maximum temperature up to + 40 °C

Suction capacity up to 7m

The VLE4 is a range of stainless steel vertical multi-impeller pumps, carefully engineered to give you the best in performance, reliability, durability and ease of maintenance.


These pumps are suitable for pumping clean water and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components. Their high performance and dependability make them suitable for use in domestic and civil sectors, particularly in installations with insufficient ventilation, in tight spaces and subject to jets of water, and on delicate surfaces (eg parquet, carpet, etc.). They can be submerged.


AISI 304 Stainless steel EXTERNAL CASING with 1¼ inch gas thread delivery opening UNI ISO 228/1

Noryl GFN2V technopolymer IMPELLERS

Noryl GFN2V technopolymer DIFFUSERS

DIAPHRAGM in stainless steel AISI 304 complete with wear rings.

EN 10088-3 - 1.4104 stainless steel MOTOR SHAFT

MOTOR BRACKETS in stainless steel AISI 304.

DOUBLE SEAL SYSTEM silicon carbide/silicon carbide mechanical seal on the pump side, and carbon/ceramic on the motor side (with barrier oil chamber to lubricate and cool the sealing surfaces in the absence of water).

AISI 304 stainless steel Screws

MOTOR suitable for continuous duty. A thermal cutout device (motor protector) is incorporated in single phase motors. Motor cooling is assured by the liquid in which the pump is immersed.

Built in Capacitor.

INSULATION class F (provides the motor with a considerable overload tolerance and substantially increases the service life of the motor itself).


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Pedrollo Pumps

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