Pedrollo NGA

Pedrollo NGA
Flow rate up to 350 l/min (21 m³/hr)
Dynamic head up to 20 m
Operating limits
Suction lift up to 7m
Fluid temperature up to + 90°c
Maximum ambient temperature + 40°c
*maximum passage for suspended solids ø 10mm
Pump installation and applications
NGA pumps are recommended for pumping water and fluids that are not chemically aggressive to the pump components. the open impeller design enables fairly large amounts of impurities to be pumped without danger of clogging.
NGA pumps are very dependable, simple to use, and virtually maintenance-free. they suit a wide range of industrial applications including watering gardens and the transfer of water from canals, rivers, tanks, tubs etc.
Special attention was given when designing the nga range, to typical requirements for pumps having to perform the functions described above:
Especially long and flat curves, making it possible to handle large quantities of water;
High efficiencies over much of the curve (efficiency curves that tend to be flat);
Flat absorption curves at high delivery rates, to prevent motor overloading even during prolonged use at high rates.
Curve tolerance according to iso 2548.
Structural characteristics
Cast iron pump body with uni iso 228/1 gas threaded suction and delivery ports.
Aisi 304 stainless steel back plate serving also as mechanical seal housing.
Open brass impeller in technopolymer noryl®.
Aisi 416 stainless steel motor shaft.
Ceramic and graphite mechanical seal (hard seal options available)
Motor: pumps are coupled directly to an asynchronous, high efficiency pedrollo induction motor of suitable size, which is quiet running, closed and externally ventilated, suitable for continuous duty.
Insulation class b.
A thermal cutout device (motor protector) is incorporated in single phase motors up to 1.5 kw.
Protection ip 44.
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