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DR Steel

Zenit DR Steel pumps are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and are fitted with dual mechanical seals.

Suitable for pumping clean water with solids up to a maximum of 12mm from ponds, streams, pits or from rainwater collection systems.

Operating limits

Maximum operating temperature 40°C (90°C max 3 min)

PH of treated fluid 6 - 14

Viscosity of treated fluid 1 mm2/s

Maximum immersion depth 10 m

Density of treated fluid 1 Kg/dm3

Maximum acoustic pressure <70 dB

Max starts per hour 30

Construction materials

Case Chrome-nickel steel AISI 304

Impeller Chrome-nickel steel AISI 304

Nuts and bolts Stainless steel - Class A2-70

Standard gasket Rubber - NBR

Shaft Steel - AISI 431

Set of standard mechanical seals Three mechanical seals; double seal (SiC-Al) in oil sump with

food-grade oil lubrication, one V-ring in direct contact with

the liquid