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Varisco V Gear Pumps

The Varisco V Range of positive displacement internal gear pumps are now available from Prestige Pumps Ltd for great prices. The V range of positive displacement internal gear pumps are renowned for their efficiency in industrial plants, pumping liquids of any viscosity without any solids in suspension. The V gear pumps are well suited for chemical and petroleum products, soaps and detergents, adhesives, paints and inks, high temperature liquids and chocolate.

Get in touch regarding our Varisco pump availability, or view our other Varisco Pumps. Our range consists of the following models:

V6, V12,V20, V25, V25-2, V30-2, V50-3, V60-2, V70-2, V80-2, V85-2, V90-2, V100-2, V120-2, V151, V150-2, V180, V200, V250

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