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Varisco Pumps

Prestige Pumps Ltd is a major distributor of Varsico pumps. Varisco pumps are specialist manufacturers of self priming pumps and positive displacement gear pumps, with a cast iron and stainless steel construction.

The Varisco pumps range is particularly suited to the difficult requirements of the construction industry, with flow rates up to 20,000 l/m (1.200 m3/h), and head pressures up to 110m, with a solid passage up to 3".

Drainage of liquids containing solids in suspension of basements, channels and reservoirs with centrifugal, self-priming or with open impeller pumps, suction conditions can be increased with the use of vacuum assistance.

As a manufacturer they are compliant and registered to ISO 900 standards.(ISO 9001:2008, known as Vision 2000.

Constant improvement on design is available through the companies commitment to research and development and a large investment has been made with a specialist research and development centre for laboratory style testing of the pumps.

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