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Tsurumi C Submersible Pumps

Tsurumi C Submersible Pumps have Saw-shaped fixed blades are used in combination with carbide blades in an impeller-integrated structure. This construction ensures that fibrous foreign matter is cut up and sewage is transferred without clogging.

Non-clog impeller with cutter mechanism

A "cutter mechanism" is provided by the combined action of a carbide blade integrated into a non-clog impeller and the saw-shaped inner surface of a suction cover.Please carefully consider type of solids and maximum passage way when selecting a cutter pump. For support, please contact Tsurumi or your local dealer.

Optional Accessories

:• Guide rail fitting consisting of:

- Guide support / Guide hook

- Duck foot bend - Lifting chain

• Discharge bend

• Stand for free standing type (5,5kW or over)


ø Discharge bore mm 50mm, 80mm,100mm
Pumping FluidTemperature0-40°C
Type of FluidWastewater and liquid carrying waste and foreign matters
PumpCompo- nentsImpellerNon-clog impeller with cutter mechanism
Shaft SealDouble mechanical seal
BearingsShielded ball bearings
MaterialImpellerGrey iron casting EN-GJL-200 with sintered tungsten carbide alloy tip, Chromium iron casting with sintered tungsten carbide alloy tip
CasingGrey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Suction PlateDuctile iron casting EN-GJS-700-2, Chromium iron casting
Shaft SealSilicon carbide in oil bath
MotorType, PolesInduction motor, 2 poles, IP68, Induction motor, 4 poles, IP68
LubricationTurbine oil (ISO VG32)
InsulationInsulation class E, Insulation class F
Motor Protector (built-in)Circle thermal cut-out
Phase / Voltage3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / d.o.l., 3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / s.d.
MaterialCasingGrey iron casting EN-GJL-150, Grey iron casting EN-GJL-200
ShaftStainless steel EN-X6Cr13, Stainless steel EN-X30Cr13
CableRubber, 10m H07RN-F
Discharge ConnectionInside thread, JIS10K flange
Optional AccessoriesGuide rail fitting "TOS" (guide support, duck foot bend, lifting chain) / Bend and stand set for free standing types