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Tsurumi 150UY Submersible Pumps

Tsurumi 150UY Submersible Pumps are is equipped with a vortex-impeller and a wide pump-casing. This construction prevents clogging by big or fibrous impurifications.

Vortex Impeller

This impeller is used mainly to avoid clogging or wear by large or stringy solids in the water. It accelerates part of the water to great speed, and this speed is used to smoothly move all the water from inlet to outlet.

Available options

• Explosion proof version

• Oil sensor • Motor versions up to 2.9 kW in d.o.l., 3.7kW-motor either in d.o.l.- or star-delta-start, from 5 kW on only start-delta-start

• All pumps can be operated with soft-starter and frequency-converter.