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Tsurumi KRSU Submersible Pumps

Tsurumi KRSU Submersible Pumps have a slim design accompanied by a central discharge which makes the KRSU series ideal for bypass applications within sewer refurbishments.

Top Discharge

Pumped water cools the motor and discharges as illustrated. The motor can be cooled even when pumping a small amount of water. The top discharge arrangement allows access into areas with space limitations.

Vortex Impeller

A special impeller with a high wall blade design ensures clog free applications with a free passage of up to 56mm.


ø Discharge bore mm200
Pumping FluidTemperature0-40°C
Type of FluidGrey water, slightly polluted water, sewage water
PumpCompo- nentsImpellerVortex impeller
Shaft SealDouble mechanical seal
BearingsShielded ball bearings
MaterialImpellerGrey iron casting EN-GJL-200
CasingGrey iron casting EN-GJL-200
Shaft SealSilicon carbide in oil bath
MotorType, PolesInduction motor, 4 poles, IP68
LubricationTurbine oil (ISO VG32)
Motor Protector (built-in)Circle thermal cut-out
InsulationInsulation class F
Phase / Voltage3-phase / 400V / 50Hz / d.o.l.
MaterialCasingGrey iron casting EN-GJL-200
ShaftStainless steel EN-X30Cr13
CableRubber, NSSHÖU
Discharge ConnectionHose coupling