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Sandpiper UL Pumps

Sandpiper UL Pumps are deigned and manufactured to meet the standards required from UL97 diaphragm pumps used to pump flammable liquids

Certified to Succeed Ce, ATEX and UL79 certified

Ball Check Valves Provides powerful, high flow pumping

All Bolted Construction Durable & high pressure capable

ESADS + Plus Air Valve Externally Serviceable Air Distribution System

Performance Capabilities

Suction / Discharge Port Sizes:1"

Max Flow Rate Per Minute:45 Gal. (170 L)

Max Head:289 ft (88 m) of water @125psi

Max Displacement Per Stroke:.11 Gal (.42 L)

Max Suction Lift:18 ft (5.5 m)

Max Solids Handling:1/4" (6 mm)