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Sandpiper Oil & Gas Pumps

Sandpiper Oil & Gas Pumps are air operated double diaphragm pumps that are ideal for use in the Oil and Gas market

Typical applications would be as follow:-

  • Lube Oil Transfer
  • Glycol Recirculation / Heat Trace
  • Flare Knockout
  • Glycol Transfer / Water Make-Up
  • Sump / General Transfer
  • Tank Bottom Recirculation / Transfer
  • Utility / General Transfer
  • Separators & Knockout Drums
  • General Duty Spill Clean-Up
  • Diesel Fuel Transfer
  • Sea Water Pump for Drilling Mud Make-Up
  • Produced Water / Condensate Transfer
  • Cellar Pump-Out & Mud Transfer

Performance Capabilities

Suction / Discharge Port Sizes:1/2" through 3"

Max Flow Rate Per Minute:260 gallons (988 liters)

Max Head:289 ft. (88 m) of water

Max Displacement Per Stroke:1.62 gallons (6.15 liters)

Max Suction Lift:24 ft. (7 m)

Max Solids Handling:3" (75mm)