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Sandpiper High Pressure Pumps

Sandpiper High Pressure Pumps are able to deliver double the inlet air pressure up to 250psi (17.2BAR)

They are suitable for filter press applications that would require a higher discharge pressure. materials of construction include Aluminum, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel

Maximum Flow Control High pressure capabilities allow for optimum control.

Heavy Duty Bolted construction and made with robust materials.

Unique Orientation Single end discharge and suction available.

Reliability Tested to ensure the long lasting performance.

Non-Freezing, Non-Stalling Patented air valve will never unexpectedly stop.

Performance Capabilities

Suction / Discharge Port Sizes:1" through 2"

Max Flow Rate Per Minute:90 Gal. (341 L)

Max Head:289 ft (88 m) of water @125psi

Max Displacement Per Stroke:.5 Gal (1.9 L)

Max Suction Lift:20 ft (6 m)

Max Solids Handling:2" (50 mm)