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Sandpiper High Efficiency Pumps

Sandpiper High Efficiency Pumps use airvantage technology to significantly reduce the air consumption of double diaphragm pumps.

Smart Learning System Modulates pump performance to optimize energy usage and match changes in system demand.

Adaptable Efficiency Automatically adapts to changing process conditions by constantly managing the amount of air that is used to drive the pump.

Completely Self Sustaining Self-contained 12v power generation module, only needs compressed air. No need for batteries or hard-wiring.

Award Winning System won awards from Flow Control, Frost & Sullivan, and Pumps and System

Certified Quality CE, ATEX and CSA Certified

Performance Capabilities

Suction / Discharge Port Sizes:2" through 3"

Max Flow Rate Per Minute:238 Gal. (901 L)

Max Head:289 ft (88 m) of water @125psi

Max Displacement Per Stroke:.9 Gal (3.41 m)

Max Suction Lift:20 ft (6 m)Max Solids Handling:2" (50 mm)