Pentax 6LRS 6LMS Submersible Borehole Pumps

Pentax 6LRS 6LMS Borehole Pumps are extremely sturdy with a pump body constructed from cast iron, the impellers are available in food grade polycarbonate or cast iron or marine grade bronze; the check valve is built into the delivery outlet.

This family of pump generates high head up to 800 metres and is available in all special steel alloys and marine grade bronze on request.
Pump flange for coupling with motors provided according to NEMA standards.
The ideal applications for this family of pumps are agricultural irrigation, water mains, industrial installations.

Materials of construction

Pump body - Stainless Steel

Impeller - foodstuff polycarbonate Lexan

Maximum flow - 1500 L/MIN

Maximum head - 660 M

Maximum liquid temperature - 40 deg c

Motor protection IP68

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