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Mono LTM LVH LWD LXB Dosing Pumps

Mono LTM LVH LWD LXB Dosing Pumps offer smooth flow dosing at high pressure with low flows. Four models are available with fixed speed or variable speed drives.

The Mono LTM LVH LWD LXB Dosing Pumps are suitable for both intermittent and continuous use.

Maximum flow: 1250l/hour

Maximum pressure: 72 Bar

Maximum temperature: 120°C

These pumps are ideal for the following pumping applications:

• Acids & Alkalines

• Sludge Dewatering

• Food, Brewing & Wine Making

• Chemical Processing

• Mining

• Dyes, Inks, Flocculants and Cosmetics

Key Features & Benefits

• Self-priming with a gentle non pulsating action to help maintain product integrity

• New coupling rod design offers higher pressure capabilities, up to 72 bar / 1044 psi

• All pump components, except the body, coupling rod and suction chamber are supplied in stainless steel

• Suction chamber is manufactured in high-density polyethylene

• End cover and mechanical seal housing is PVDF

• Suited to severe chemical environments, internal pump components are supplied in Hastelloy

• Resilient stator - flexible in operation and high resistance to wear - available in a variety of materials, allowing a wide range of products to be pumped

• Flow meter available as an option