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Mono EZstrip Peristaltic Hose Pump

Mono EZstrip Peristaltic Hose Pumps are available in a range of sizes tom suit all duties

A chemical version and a food grade version are also available

Using the latest technology peristaltic hose which has a unique manufacturing process. The hose consists of an extruded inner layer with high-density textile reinforcement, and a precision machined outer layer to ensure that optimal compression and rapid installation are possible thanks to control of the tolerances in the production process. A wide variety of materials ensures that they are compatible with most types of product and working conditions. They offer excellent performance against abrasion, temperature, and corrosion.

The pumps offer fast and simple assembly, commissioning, and maintenance. The pump design has an innovative assembly that facilitates hose replacement. Maintenance-free pump with lubricated-for-life system and low lubricant level. Minimal waste generated.Saves on maintenance costs and ease of assembly. Reduces downtime.

Suitable for extremely heavy duty applications they are designed for the most demanding applications up to 10 bar with Integrated oversized bearings to withstand the axial loads. Each pump is fitted with large metal rollers with oversized bearings. A secure and reliable connection system and very robust construction materials make it an Ideal pump for continuous work applications.

Unmatched pump life and excellent equipment performance under any operating conditions.

The XXL roller technology offers excellent compression of the hose with no friction and unmatchable efficiency. The pump offers low energy consumption and better hose life due to roller size and ease of operation with a minimal starting torque and a very wide frequency range.Major energy savings, higher number of hose working hours, and ease of operation.

Typical Applications:-

Water treatment

• Transfer of sludges and slurries

• Dosing of activated carbon and lime milk

• Dosing of sodium hypochlorite and ferric chloride

• Dosing of polymers and flocculants

• Sampling

Chemical industry

• Dosing of pigments and water-based paints

• Transfer of highly abrasive products such as titanium dioxide

• Dosing of resins

• Dosing of detergents, creams, and water-based glues

• Dosing of all types of acid or base corrosive chemicals

Mining industry

• Transfer of mineral pulp, sludges, and slurries

• Dosing of cyanide and xanthate

• Transfer or dosing of polymers• Dosing of reagents

Food and beverage and cosmetics

• Pumping of diatomaceous earth

• Transfer of viscous juices and sauces or ones with solid pieces in the mixture

• Various additives, colourings, and flavourings for food• Feeding to filling machines

Ceramics and construction industry

• Dosing of very abrasive products such as barium carbonate and potassium permanganate

• Transfer of ceramic barbotine

• Dosing of additives and colourings for the cement

• Transfer of low-density cement

Paper industry

• Dosing of chemicals and paint

• Transfer of paper pulp• Dosing of lime milk

• Dosing of additives and colourings

• Dosing and transfer of glues