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Jung US Hot Water Submersible Pumps

Jung US 73 HE, US 73HES, US103 HE, US 103 HES Submersible drainage pumps are suitable for dealing with very contaminated water and capable of handling solids up to 30 mm particle size without stones. These pumps can be used wherever wastewater up to 194°F (90°C) is involved, such as in laundries or automatic launderettes, or in industrial dishwashers and washing machines or for the emergency overflow of heating systems.

Available in manual or automatic variants.

The pumps are suitable for stationary and portable use. For easy removal of the pumps from deep sumps we recommend the use of our guide rail systems which provide ease of maintenance and inspection. A controllable oil chamber and wear-resistant special mechanical seal ensure a long service life. The integrated winding thermostats protect the motor from overload.


Pump Vertical, single-stage, submersible, with free inlet, volute casing with 1½" (female) discharge branch, open centrifugal impeller, passage 30 mm.

Bearings Common shaft for pump and motor mounted in ball bearings and permanently grease lubricated.

Seal Silicon carbide mechanical seal, oil chamber and duplex rotary seal towards the motor section, safe to run dry

Motor Submersible, without oil, motor type of enclosure IP 68, insulation class F, winding thermostat protects the motor from overload, starting via plug, automatically via mounted circuit or submersible ball contact switches.

Materials Volute casing made of GG grey cast iron, power supply through rubber insulated flexible cable for hot water operation, terminal board lid, impeller, wear plate and strainer base made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic, motor casing and shaft made of stainless steel

Installation Install pump vertically, if installed permanently, provide detachable connection or install with guide rail system GR 40

Scope of supply Pump acc. to EN 12050 ready for connection with cable and safety plug