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Hilge Novalobe Pumps

Hilge Rotary Lobe pumps are of the Novalobe range and are hygienic units suitable for pumping products in the following

  • Dairies (yoghurt, butter, cheese, curds, etc.)
  • Food processing (sauces, dressings, baby food, dough, etc.)
  • Soft drinks (syrup, juice)
  • Confectionery and sugar (caramel, chocolate, etc.)
  • Meat (sausage meat, pet food, etc.)
  • Breweries (yeast)
  • Vaccine / fermentation broth
  • Blood plasma
  • Shampoo, lotions, toothpaste, etc.
  • Pulp and paper coation, polymer-dosing, etc.
  • Paint/adhesives
  • Chemical (oil, etc.)

Pumps are manufactured to worldwide standard including EHEDG, QHD and GOST.

They are suitable for CIP and SIP and meet GMP requirements.