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FIPS FGT RS Submersible Pumps

FIPS FGT range of submersible pumps are fitted with grinders as a cutting device and are used in the sewage stations, or in installations where there are long pipes runs.

The FIPS RS range is manufactured to the same specification but has no cutter fitted.

F.I.P.S. grinder pumps are designed for pumping water containing solids, which are effectively cut down into very small particles that can be pumped through small pipes without risk of blocking. Both the stationary and the rotating parts are made of special hard stainless steel. The extreme high head and the low motor power make of this pump the best economical solution also for sprinkler installations and agricultural applications. The cutting device prevents the sprinkler from clogging. In the industry the series FGt is used for pumping waste waters containing fibrous materials, for instance in textile industries. FGt series - The submersible pumps of the series RS are designed according the same features of the series FGt but without cutting device. This series is mainly used for drainage of clear water where high head and low nominal power are requested.