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FIPS FG Submersible Vortex Pumps

FIPS FG range of Submersible pumps come in kw sizes from 0.37KW to 48KW

The pumps are particularly suited to applications that require pumps with vortex impellers, they have been designed for the handling of drainage water, dirty water and sewage water, for domestic and industrial waste waters with suspended solids in up to 65 mm, filamentous and viscous materials together with air, gas and abrasive particles, rough or fermented slimes, active muds.

The pumps are vailable on request for explosion-proof executions.


Fully submersible pressure tight electric motor
Insulation class H. Protection degree IP 68
Speed: 2850 rpm. Voltage: single-phase 1x230V-50 Hz
Three-phase 3x380/415V-50 Hz. Different voltage and frequency on request. ATEX certification in progress
Water side: silicon carbide/silicon carbide
Motor side: graphite/alumina