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Egger Pumps

Egger pumps manufacturers pumping equipment suitable for applications with very high abrasive wear. The company was formed in 1947 and it's specialty was the pumping of fluids laden with solids and gases.

The pumps are engineered specifically to suit each application with the use of the most modern computer-supported technology available:

  • Design programs
  • Validated flow simulation programs (CFD)
  • Finite element analysis for critical elements
  • Construction by 3D-CAD

Egger Engineering Services

  • Pump design
  • Calculation of pressure drops
  • Pressure surge calculations
  • Material recommendations for particular fluids
  • Calculation of shaft performance
  • Finite element calculations (FEM) for static structural, thermic and dynamic analysis
  • Project development and construction by 3D-CAD
  • Pilot projects in our technical pumping school
  • Special designs for special pumping requirements
  • Plant optimization through volumetric flow measurement and pump customization