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Ebara EVM EVMW EVMG 3 Multistage Pumps

Ebara EVM EVMW and EVMG pumps are Vertical multistage centrifugal electric pumps and are available in various

versions: cast iron (EVMG), AISI 304 stainless steel (EVM), AISI 316 stainlesssteel (EVML).

They are particularly suited to applications including civil, industrial, agricultural and fire-fighting pressure
boosting systems, Primary water treatment plants, Reverse osmosis,seepage, etc, Moving moderately aggressive fluids, Boiler loading, Washing, Heating systems and air-conditioning.

• Reliable,strong,silent and easy to service
• The EVM pumps are coupled to standard IEC motors
• They offer state of the art technical solutions
• The EVM vertical multistage pumps (hydraulic parts) are in compliance with the 94/9/CE Directive on ATEX products (they belong to Group II, Category 2), zones 1 and 2, temperature class T2 and T4
• Oval counter-flanges, "N" version,
• Round counter-flanges, "F" version,
• WRAS approval for standard version of EVM 3-5-10-18

• Maximum working pressure: 16 bar, 25 bar, 30 bar for EVM32 - EVM45 only
• Temperature of the liquid: from -15°C to +120°C
• Maximum solid content: 50 ppm (particle size 0,1-0,25 mm or less)
• Maximum chlorine ion density: 500 ppm

• High efficiency IE2 motorsstarting from 0,75kW
• Self-ventilated 2 poles asynchronous motor
• Class of insulation F
• IP55 Protection degree
• Single phase voltage 230V ±10% 50Hz, three phase voltage 230/400V ±10%, 50Hz (up to 4 kW included),
three phase voltage 400/690V ±10% (5.5 kW and above)

• Lower pump body, external casing, seal housing disc, impellers, diffusers, shaft casing, joint cover and small elements in contact with the liquid in AISI 304 (EVM), AISI 316 (EVML) ["EVMG" version: pump casing in cast iron and hydraulic part in AISI 304]
• Tie-rods and small elements not in contact with the liquid in galvanised steel
• Shaft in AISI 316
• Bearings in contact with the are manufactured from tungsten carbide
• Motor bracket in cast iron (EVMG), in cast iron/AISI 304 (EVM), in cast iron/AISI 316
• Mechanicalseal in SiC/Carbon/EPDM (EVM-EVMG 3-5-10-18)
• Mechanicalseal in SiC/Carbon/FPM (EVML 3-5-10-18)
• Mechanical seal with cartridge as per standard in SiC/Carbon/FPM
• Liner rings in PTFE