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BBA Pumps

BBA pumps are manufactured in the Netherlands and are distributed by Prestige Pumps Ltd in the UK.

The company employs over 200 people in the manufacture of self priming pumps.

Continuous innovation allows BBA Pumps to be the most prominent and advanced company in the field of pumping technology. Their pump designs are where it all starts, including the entire pumping system, noise reduction, engine designs and casings. Pumps are manufactured on a state of the art production line making use of the latest technology and equipment, therefore guaranteeing speed and constant production quality. The facility has multiple test rigs at various stages of the production process to confirm both performance and quality.

BBA Pumps constantly strive to ensure that sustainability is paramount. The manufactured products are chosen not only to reduce costs, but also for sustainability of the environment. Highly efficient pumps reduce fuel consumption to a minimum. The pumps emission requirements comply with EU Stage and American EPA Tier standards. With the use corrosion resistant thermo-galvanized casings and plastic door panels they achieve unbeatable fuel efficiency.

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