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APP SV Submersible Pumps

APP SV pumps are portable, submersible pumps each fitted with a vortex impeller, manufactured with cast iron pump casings and 304 stainless steel motor frames. The SV-150 and SV-250 pumps have thermoplastic motorhead covers and impellers, the pumps offer free passage of suspended soft solids and fibrous material up to 27mm. These models have 410 stainless steel shafts, with a carbon ceramic mechanical seal, with single lip seal, in an oil chamber. They are suitable for a variety of domestic and industrial applications. The SV-400 has a thermoplastic motor head cover while the SV-750 is in cast iron. Both these larger models feature cast iron impellers for fibrous material and hard solids from 35mm to 37mm. These two models have been designed for portable use as hire fleet pumps for the pumping of site water hence they have cast iron protective base plates and 410 stainless steel shafts, with a silicon carbide mechanical seal (complete with a lip seal) in an oil chamber. With excellent durability, at an economic price, they are suitable for a variety of heavy duty applications. A 89mm lever lock connection kit, with a galvanised iron extension pipe, is an optional extra. All versions are available with optional pendant type float switches. SV-150V has a tube type float switch for narrow sump applications.SV pumps are not recommended for ponds or water features. All models are supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable.