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APP BPS Plastic Submersible Pumps

APP BPS Plastic Submersible Pumps are manufactured from thermoplastic materials and are designed for clean and slightly dirty water. Fitted with a top discharge which makes them suitable for partial immersion applications and where space or access is restricted. The BPS-80, BPS-100 and BPS-200 have 304 stainless steel shafts while the BPS-300 and BPS-400 models feature 410 stainless steel shafts. Sealing is via a carbon/ceramic mechanical seal, in an intermediate oil chamber, with an inner lip seal. The manual versions of models BPS-80 and BPS-100 are fitted with residue strainers which enables the pumping of water down to 3mm. The BPS-100A(V) automatic model is supplied with a tube type float switch for narrow sump applications, which will turn on at 184mm and off at 100mm. This range offers excellent reliability in domestic, trade and industrial applications, where high quality of construction at a low price is required. They are not, however, recommended for ponds or water features. Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable.