Grundfos LiqTec Dry run protector temperature protection

Grundfos LiqTec
The Grundfos LiqTec is a dry-running device that also offers a number of other features as well: The LiqTec prevents excessive liquid temperatures from damaging the pump. If the LiqTec senses a liquid temperature above 130°C, it stops the pump immediately.
Futhermore the LiqTec is a failsafe device, meaning that the pump stops as soon as the sensor detects an error on the sensor cable, the electronics or if the power supply of the control unit is cut off. The Grundfos LiqTec can also be connected to the thermistor, PTC, on the pump motor. If the motor temperatur exceeds a certain level the LiqTec will stop the pump immediately.
  • Monitoring and protection of pumps and processes
Features and benefits
  • Protection against dry running 1 Protection against liquid temperatures exceeding 130°C±5°C
  • Protection against too high motor temperatures
  • Manual or automatic restarting possible from a remote PC
  • Simple installation - plug and play technology Robust sensor
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