Ebro Modular Systems

Ebro Modular Systems

Nominal torque: 100 Nm bis 4000 Nm

Protection class: IP67

Duty Cycle: up to Class C (max.1200 c/n acc. to prEN 15714-2

Limit switches: max. 250V AC, 3A

Torque control: potentialfreier Wechsler, max. 250V AC 5A

Switch box heater: Versorgung 230V AC permanent, 5W

Potentiometer: 1000 Ω

Current feedback: 4-20mA, Versorgung max. 30V DC

Thermal motor switch: integrated

Insulation class: F

Corrosion Protection

Class: C4 acc. to prEN 15714-2, tested acc. to EN 60068-2-52

Cable entries: 4 x M20 x 1,5 Ø-min = 6 mm Ø-max = 13 mm

Operation temperature: -20°C to +70°C

Hand wheel: 15 revolutions 90°

Hand wheel torque: 4 Nm for E65 20 Nm for E110 35 Nm for E160 50 Nm for E210

Supply Voltage: von 110V AC/1~ bis 480V AC/


- Integrated torque control

- Digital control input

- Integrated 24V DC control voltage supply

- 5 digital feedback signal

- Switch box heater

- Prepared for further options

- Acutator mounting and optional modules as modular system

- Self-locking, separatly capsuled worm gear ensures a safe potisioning of the actuating element

- Top fl ange acc. to EN ISO 5211

- Replaceable shaft notch enables the adpation of different valves

- The optical position indicator shows the exacxt positon of the actuating element

See the complate Valve Actuator Range.

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