Caprari MAT11T2 415V Submersible Pump


Caprari MAT submersible pumps are fitted with treated stainless-steel grinders and are particularly suitable for solving problems with raising waste water which contains solids or fibrous matter coming from single houses, small housing estates, campsites, hotels, service areas, etc., not connected directly to the sewage system.

Pump Specifications

  • max. temperature of pumped fluid = 40°C
  • max. immersion depth = 20 m
  • pH of the pumped fluid: 6 ÷ 10
mains voltage values and relative tolerated variation in relation to the rated voltage value:
  • single-phase: 220 V - 230 V ±6% standard 230 V - 240 V ±6% on request
  • three-phase: 400 V ±10% (380-400-415) standard 230 V ±10% (220-230-240) on request
  • other voltage values with ±5% on request
  • maximum unbalance in relation to power draw: 5%
  • contact our technical offices if the density exceeds 1 Kg/dm3 and/or the viscosity exceeds 1 mm2 /s (1 cSt)
  • the electric pump generates an acoustic pressure level of less than 70 dB(A).
Control Voltage:
Discharge Size:
Caprari Pumps
Max Flow:
14 M3/HOUR
Max Head:
Motor kW P2:

Caprari D M Brochure (D-M_brochure.pdf, 1,560 Kb) [Download]

Caprari D M Data Sheet (D-M_data_sheet.pdf, 2,685 Kb) [Download]

Caprari D M Instructions (d_m_ds_ms_instructions.pdf, 1,054 Kb) [Download]

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