Caprari DRN30T 415V Submersible Pump


Caprari DRN DRL DRH Submersible Pumps strong and long lasting due to their construction which makes them ideal for heavy duty work on building sites and in all situations where work is difficult owing to the presence of sand and silt. The pumps offer simple routine maintenance which is made even easier by their rational design, and they will guarantee trouble-free operation and steady performances during normal use. The DA range of pumps are considered to be normal equipment in building sites and road works where the special urethane rubber coating on parts subject to wear allows the pumps to handle liquids containing abrasive material. The initial hydraulic characteristics can be reset by simply adjusting the wear plate. If wear is excessive, the worn parts can be quickly and easily replaced.

Pump Specifications

  • max. temperature of pumped fluid = 40°C
  • max. immersion depth = 20 m
  • DRN... min. immersion depth = 457mm
  • PH of pumped fluid: 5 ÷ 8
mains voltage values and relative tolerance in relation to the rated voltage value:
  • three phase: 400 V ±10% (380-400-415) standard 230 V ±10% (220-230-240) on request
  • other voltage values with ±5% on request
  • maximum tolerated unbalance in relation to power draw: 5%
  • contact our technical offices if the density exceeds 1 Kg/dm3 and/or the viscosity exceeds 1 mm2 /s (1 cSt)
  • the electric pump generates an acoustic pressure level of less than 70 dB(A).
Control Voltage:
Discharge Size:
Caprari Pumps
Max Flow:
72 M3/HOUR
Max Head:
Motor kW P2:

Caprari D M Brochure (D-M_brochure.pdf, 1,560 Kb) [Download]

Caprari D M Data Sheet (D-M_data_sheet.pdf, 2,685 Kb) [Download]

Caprari D M Instructions (d_m_ds_ms_instructions.pdf, 1,054 Kb) [Download]

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