Preventing Flood Damage with Submersible Pumps

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Harsh British weather continues to cause devastating floods around the country, with heavy rainfall and snowmelt causing havoc again this winter. Flooding is affecting everyone, from businesses to residents in high-risk areas.

Implementing defenses against this can be incredibly challenging, with precautions such as flood barriers and even sandbags often failing in severe cases. It's crucial to not only put up defenses, but also have the means to remove floodwater should they eventually fail.

This is where a submersible pump can prove to be an essential bit of kit for those at risk. Sump pumps, as they are also known, can help you minimise flood damage as much as possible by removing the water quickly and efficiently for a relatively low cost.

These pumps are submersed in water, and are often found in cellars or rooms at risk of flooding. They work by drawing water out of the heavily affected areas, and pumping it to safer, less affected areas in the proximity. Powered by a standard mains electrical supply, you'll need to make sure you're protected with an electronic circuit breaker before installation.

The Ebara Best One

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