Prestige Pumps Join Pump Distributors Association

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We are delighted to announce that we are now a member of the Pump Distributors Association (PDA). The PDA represents industrial pump distributors, pump stockists and pump suppliers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The aim of the PDA is to promote the efficient and effective use of quality products for the benefit of users, whether companies or individuals. All members also abide by the PDA Code of Practice. This means conducting affairs in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics, by:

  • Establishing with customers and suppliers a mutually satisfactory relationship, by accepting and delivering products or services in the quantity, quality, time, price and procedure as agreed
  • Having a proper responsibility for the interest of the public
  • Employing suitably qualified staff to advise on pump selection and operation
  • Maintaining appropriate stocks, and in no circumstances knowingly supplying inherently unsafe goods or services
  • Accepting and carrying out all relevant warranty obligations
  • Providing a full after sales service and technical back-up facilities commensurate with the kind of product supplied
  • Maintaining the highest level of professional competence
  • Taking account of the legitimate interests of other members and the Association
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