Delivering a Pump to the North Seabed

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We are set to deliver a pump to sit on the bed of the North Sea for coupling to a hydraulic motor.

The bareshaft pump, which is required to handle seawater solutions with hydrocarbons, will sit 70 metres below sea level.

Prestige Pumps Director Dale Moxon said:

"Given the location the pump needs to be placed, it was imperative that we selected a model constructed of suitable materials and one that was capable of operating in the high-pressure environment of the deep sea."

Mr Moxon added:

"We came up with a Mono progressive cavity pump for the application. The requested duty was a flowrate of 23m3/hr with a differential pressure of 6bar. Providing international pump solutions is always a challenge, but it's one we relish."

The North Sea job is just one of several high-profile contracts we have secured in 2013, having recently supplied a variety of Calpeda, Grundfos and Verder pumps to manufacturing giant Rolls Royce, with the purpose of delivering a range of chemicals and acids to temperatures of 93°C.

The pumps supplied were 16 off air operated diaphragm pumps ranging in size from 1" to 2", one off two pump booster set and one off triple pump booster set inverter controlled.

In addition, we have also delivered eight Ebara pumps to a large factory in Nottingham, which were required for an application involving the circulation of liquid containing abrasive particles.

Mr Moxon said:

"The pumps supplied were fitted with silicon/viton hard face mechanical seals, which will cope with occasional abrasive particles. The pumps were required for an urgent application, so we are pleased to report we made the delivery within 24 hours."