Conquering Low Water Pressure with the Grundfos Home Booster Set

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Suffering from low water pressure at home is a surprisingly common problem, and being unable to enjoy a good shower in the morning isn't a good start to the working day. There are quite a few options available for dealing with this, and these depends on your overall requirements, and how you use water in the rest of your home.

First of all, you need to review the water pressure around your home. Is it consistently poor, or just low on some fittings? If it's the latter, you may wish to consider replacing them, as this may be due to heavily clogged up pipework or residue in your fittings.

When you're confident that it is in fact low water pressure causing your issues, you may wish to consider a Grundfos Home Booster Set.

Why Choose The Grundfos Home Booster

This booster has been especially developed to deal with low-pressure systems in domestic applications, and offers a permanent fix to prevent the issues from reoccurring. It's suitable for homes that have up to 4 bathrooms with standard fittings, and despite the technology it possesses, is relatively simple to install (although this should be done by a professional). Its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces, whilst also possessing an integral storage tank, which meets water bylaw air gap regulations.

Two models, a 3 bar and a 4.5 bar, are available to suit your specific requirements. Prestige Pumps stock both models, and we'll be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you before you buy. Feel free to call us today on 01977 602200, or email

Grundfos home booster sets are available to buy online today, with free delivery available on your order.