Alldos DMS diaphragm dosing pump


For use in any industry which requires accurate dosing of chemicals.

Features and benefits:

  • Precise capacity setting in millilitres or litres
  • Operation panel with plain-text display at the side or at the back
  • Full stroke length all the time
  • Built-in counter
  • Optionally with 0/4-20 mA control
  • Optionally with pulse-/timer-based batch control


Pressure Max = 11 bar Flow Max = 12 Litres per hour.

See also Alldos DDI digital dosing pump, Alldos DMI diaphragm dosing pump, Alldos DME digital dosing pump.

Alldos Pumps

ALLDOS DMS LITERATURE (Grundfosliterature DME DMS.pdf, 0) [Download]

ALLDOS DMS LITERATURE (Grundfosliterature DME DMS.pdf, 43 Kb) [Download]

ALLDOS DME INSTRUCTIONS (Instructions DME.pdf, 0) [Download]

ALLDOS DME INSTRUCTIONS (Instructions DME.pdf, 43 Kb) [Download]